The Foundation for Educational Advancement is authorized to register foundation. Registration No. 1566, dated 21 September 2006, with the objective to

1. Focus on promoting youth development in education.

2. Provide assistance to individuals. Or educational institution with a lunch scholarship.

3. Provide support to build hygienic bathrooms. Educational and Sports Equipment.

4. Carry out or collaborate with other charities. To the public

5. Do not do anything related to politics.

The head office of the foundation is located at 933, 11th floor, Thanadai Building, Mahachai Road, WangBurapaphim, Phranakhon, Bangkok.

The foundation’s initial funding was 1,000,000 baht.

Management of the foundation in the first session. The Board of Directors has the following tasks.

1. Mr. Anant Sachdev Chairman

2. Mr. Dalbir Singh Khurana Vice Chairman

3. Mr. Pravin Sakulsacha Director

4. Mr. Wachira Sachdev Director

5. Mr. Aviruth Sachdev Director

6. Mr. Apinan Sachdev Director

7. Mrs. Sirirach Ardkla Director and Treasurer

8. Ms. Surinda Chonraksuk Director and Secretary